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Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada.
Classe d'entrée 1952 / 1952 Entry Class
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3741 Jacques Ernest Boucher

Dan Boucher re Jacques Ernest Boucher, 2023.01.26
January 26 ·
Good morning all,

On January 21, 2023, my Dad, Jacques passed away in his 90th year at the veterans hospital in Sainte Anne De Bellevue. He had been battling a multitude of health issues over the past few years, but notably cancer. He would have turned a full 90 on September 21, 2023.

They broke the mould when they made him. A mix of Fred Flinstone, Foghorn Leghorn and Encyclopedia Brittanica all wrapped up in one. We didn’t always see eye to eye at times, but when it comes to parents and their children, ‘who doesn’t?.. We respected each other’s position and points of view and that was it. A life well and fully lived. WAY too many things to list here.. Our dad was a great dad.

The cancer had started in his bladder which was treated, but later crept up into his prostate, and later spread to some of his bones. While I had been off work to deal with shoulder surgery, rehab and all, I was able to drive him to the multitude of appointments that he needed to get to either at the Jewish general or Lakeshore hospital and all else in between. This gave us the opportunity to ‘bitch’ and complain about things in general.. ??

The running family ‘gag’ was that he should have passed away 30-40 years ago given everything that had happened to him health wise. He always recovered, and as always, came out swinging. In the hospital, he survived two bouts of COVID, E. coli poisoning, kidney shutdown and restart, etc..His brothers and sisters sometimes said, ‘he’s still alive???..(lol!), but that was my dad.

My dad was a warrior, strong mind and spirit right to end. Despite the fact that he was accident prone (we have some of the funniest stories about him and his mishaps, entertaining to the very end). He had never lost any of his mental faculties right up to end. Only in the last few days where he had to be sedated because of the pain. The day before he passed, he didn’t want any more meds because he knew that it was dulling his perception of reality, but unfortunately some delirium had crept in. He knew everyone around him but in his ‘state’, he thought I was one of the staff trying to sedate him. He had grabbed my arm and twisted it to have me pinned down for about 30 minutes or so on the side of his bed with enough strength to keep me there, all the while I was having a casual conversation with my cousin while I was pinned on my back. My brother had to ‘duck’ because he took a swing at him..??.Strong to end.

My dad served in the military during the 50’s, RCN Navy serving aboard the tribal class destroyers, so..
He always lived life as though each day meant a plan for the next day. When his condition deteriorated very quickly over 24 hours, nobody was prepared for what came later. We thought he could come out of this one too.

He always had a parade of people at his place in Ste Anne’s and it was no different in the his final days. He would move heaven and earth to help out for all he knew, and if he couldn’t or didn’t know how, he ‘Googled it’.. (Lol!)..

He was loved and respected by everyone in his sphere. He was surrounded by his closest family and those who couldn’t be there, we’re on the phone on speaker near his ears so he could hear everyone.

Given that things happened quickly, most people were scattered around North America, and there was the incoming storm, we decided to hold off on any service until the spring. We’re planning on a military service for the field of honour in Pointe Claire, but nothing firm as of yet. They don’t do any services during the winter. For now, we’ve had him cremated and his ashes will remain with us until then.

My brother and I, Paul, will keep his FB page up and running as long as appropriate so as to post any relevant information.
R.I.P. Daddy.. We love you ??

From: Jean Lavoie
Sent: April 16, 2023 5:28 PM
To: Bill Lynn
Subject: Re: CMR 1952 Mise à jour / Update 2023.04.18
Allô Bill
C’était un maudit bon gars toujours joyeux et plaisant.
Mes condoléances à toute sa famille.

Jacques Ernest "Ernie" Boucher CMR – 1952 - # 3741
Born : Montreal,Que. : 21/09/1933

Married (1): Crystal ( Christl ) 19/08/1961
2 sons: Daniel Eric ( 40 ) – Paul Claude ( 34 ) see further notes
Divorced: 10/1982

Married (2): Jay 02/09/1983 ( no children )
Divorced: 10/1993

Present status: single

In the spring of 1953, we received our 4 in 1 shots & I developed a severe reaction & wound up in Queen Mary Veterans Hospital & was there over 4 months, which ended my military career at St- Jean,& convalesced balance of '53.

1954 –1963 : Dictaphone Corp.- Service tech. Dictating machines ( still had wax cylinders in those days) & language labs.

1963-1966 : Robbins & Myers - Sales Rep. Fans – Hoists – Motors – Moyno Pumps

1966-1975 : Munck International – Sales & Purchasing Mgr. – Overhead Cranes – Hoists – Stackers

1975-1978 : Hall Engineering – Sales Mgr. Custom Fabrication & Machining

1978-1981 : Cdn Overhead Handling – General Mgr.- Custom Overhead Handling Machinery& Cranes

1981-1983 : Ezeflow Inc. – General Mgr. – Stainless & exotic alloys fittings mfgr
1983-1985 : Remco Inc. – Vice President – Towing trucks & dump bodies
Note: largest sale in company history of 7 Western Star tow trucks c/w 50 metric tons lifting capacity for Leopard tanks retrieval.

1985-1995 : Own consulting company – Material Handling & Specialized Tooling.

1995: Back accident – 2 disks removed – spine fusion – 7 months rehab @ Catherine Booth Hospital & was given 10% chance of walking again – I do sometimes with a cane when outside my apt. for safety reasons only.

I have had an extremely varied career which has taken me over many parts of this planet & I thoroughly enjoy life one day at a time c/w a positive attitude.

Hobbies & Recreation:
    Hockey coach – 17 yrs – brookwood – Pierrefonds
    Cubs & scout leader – 10 yrs – Pierrefonds
    Membership director & founding member & president
    briarwood Swimming Pool – 1965 – Pierrefonds
    President – North Shore Civitans –1973-1978
    Chairman – Mayor's Blood Donor Clinic – 1973-1978 – Pierrefonds
    Long time Blood Donor (1955 & on)
    Computer nut since 1993 & Family history research & this research was instrumental in proving my US ancestry & received my US citizenship certificate in July/1997 after 3 years of research & was able to transfer to my sons. (see picture in "Memories").
    I am self taught & buy a lot of books c/w pictures & accept any instructions from whatever sources & download any freebie software available. I help local seniors to navigate their PC & get on the net to contact their loved ones & collect,edit & assemble their photos in electronic albums
Military Career: Due to Navy regs. In those days, could not join permanent force, so joined HMCS DONNACONA – Reserve unit – lower decks – 1956-1961 – got out LdgSeaman – electrical.
Served on:
    Wallaceburg – Algerine class minesweeper
    Portage: Gaspe class minesweeper
    Resolute: Gaspe class minesweeper
    Restigouche: St-Laurent class destroyer
    Daniel Eric - Spouse: Diana Nardelli
    Grandson: Mathew James, born Pointe Claire
    Dan is a captain with JAZZ ( formerly Air Ontario) Dash 8 – graduated from Mount Royal College, Calgary. C/W multi engines & commercial licence DOT – FAA licence – Jekyll Island, Florida & is now Montreal based & lives in Dollard des Ormeaux, Que.
    Diana was project coordinator F-18 – CAE – Montreal – until Mathew James came along

    Paul Claude - Spouse: Lisa Jehoda
    Granddaughter : Kailey Paulina, born. Provo, Utah
    Grandson: Kyler Mikay, born Provo, Utah
    One more coming January/2003
    Paul is Church Educational Services – Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Days Saints ( Mormon Church). Paul graduated Concordia U. Bsc, Psychology – scholarship BYU- Provo, Utah – masters child psych. & computer eng. & is Beaconsfield, Que. Based until next year when he returns to Salt Lake City for reassignment
    Lisa is McGill graduate Bsc –Education - is part time replacement teacher
Note: if any one has any questions – "Ernie"
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