Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada.
Classe d'entrée 1952 / 1952 Entry Class
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3763, Terence Jones (Terry)
(From an e-mail received from Terry 2002/04/29)

Upon return to B.C., I can email a little story of my career if you like (see below - ed). My original helicopter instructor, Jim Grant, compiled a book of same from a number of RCASC pilots last year, in time for an Army aviator's reunion held in Victoria. I missed it due to work, naturally, because I am still actively flying (albeit it on a reduced schedule).

Valemount is on the Yellowhead Highway, west of Jasper National Park. It's in what's called the 'Rocky Mountain Trench,' a major valley running southeast from Prince George, and is halfway between Prince George and Kamloops, on the highway. (Terry makes his home in Sherwood Park (Calgary?), but works in Valemont - ed)

The company (Yellowhead Helicopters - ed) does a variety of charter helicopter work, but concentrates mostly on fighting forest fires and recreation (i.e. heliskiing, helitours and helihiking). As well as overseeing flight operations for 16-odd helicopters spread over seven bases in B.C. and three in Alberta, I do the checkrides on the pilots of the larger machines, and fly fire-fighting tours on them in the summer.

I've been married twice, the first when I was too young (21), and have two sons from that marriage, one in B.C., the other in Alberta. Barb and I were married in '64 and had three children, but lost our oldest son to MS almost ten years ago. A daughter who's a paramedic and a son who's a surveyor both live in the Edmonton area.

Won't be able to get into the site until I'm back in B.C., so will check on the correction then.

Cheers, Terry

Career Outline

3763 Terence (Terry) S. R. Jones, CD
105 Maple Court, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 1K9
Phone 780 464 5743; Fax 780 467 2798; Cel 780 913 7113; Email

Born: August 21, 1935; Edmonton, AB
Marital Status: Married Barbara Elizabeth Caithness, August 8, 1964
Children: Daughter Jennifer, sons Steven, Sean, Robert (deceased) and David
Education: PreLaw/Business, University of Alberta - 1954-55
Senior Matriculation, Collége militaire royal de St. Jean - 1952-54
Languages: English, functional French


After resigning from CMR in 1954 and attending the UofA that fall, Terry rejoined active service in 1955, serving briefly with 1 PPCLI and the LdSH(RC). He elected to be commissioned in the RCASC because they offered the quickest Army entry to flying training. He attended the first Army course at No. 1 PFS, RCAF Station Centralia in November 1959, and earned his 'lion with blue wings' at the Light Aircraft School, CJATC, Rivers, Manitoba in early 1960.

In 1962 he was appointed Brigade Aviation Officer and flew operationally 3 years with 4CIBG in Germany. He also trained as a Flight Safety Officer with the RAF in England and, on return to Canada, instructed at the Army Aviation Tactical Training School (eventually No. 4 FTS), Rivers, Manitoba. He was the first with a purely Army background to earn the coveted A1 instructor rating, and became Deputy Commander and Chief Standards Officer before taking voluntary release for personal reasons in 1969.

During his last four years of military service he used his annual leave to fly commercially with Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd. and Klondike Helicopters Ltd. and, upon leaving the service in 1969, opted to pursue a civil aviation career. There, he gained extensive experience flying and managing operations in mountainous, Arctic and jungle environments. He accumulated over 10,000 flying hours and managed progressively larger field bases, eventually attaining a variety of management positions, including:

Chief Instructor, Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd. - 1969-72
Projects Manager and Safety Officer, Dominion-Pegasus Helicopters Ltd. - 1973-74
Executive Vice President, Canadian Helicopters Ltd. - 1977-79
Vice President, Shirley Helicopters Ltd./Shirley Air Ltd. - 1979-81
Founder, General Manager, Peace Helicopters Ltd. - 1981-82
President, Voljet International (developers of a tip-driven helicopter) - 1984-87
Operations Manager and Chief Pilot, Delta Helicopters Ltd. - 1989-92
Vice President, The Adapa Group (the tip-driven helicopter again) - 1992-94
Founder, General Manager, Advantage Helicopters Ltd. - 1994-98
Operations Manager, Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. - 2000-present

Terry hopes to fly until he's at least 70, but 50 years' flying is his ultimate goal.

WOW! (ed)

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