Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada.
Classe d'entrée 1952 / 1952 Entry Class
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3760, Loïc Pagé
Courriel reçu de Guatemala 2002/04/22 / Email from Guatemala 2002/04/22

Hi Bill !

What am I doing in Guatemala is a good question! Depuis plusieurs années en tant que consultant autonome, j’ai voyagé intensement à l’étranger et passé passablement de temps en Amérique Latine. En 1982 j’ai marié une guatémaltèque ce qui explique partiellement ma présence ici.

As the Bank Manager prohibits me to even mention the word retirement, I am still relatively active and for the last few years mostly in Central America, that is the other part of the reason for being here.

For now I only have very short-term engagements so we are ready and willing to relocate just about anywhere.

Apart from that, all the members of my family are well; I am in good health and enjoying life. I sincerely hope it is the same for you, your Family and Friends.

I am curious to know what happened to our CMR companions. Thanks to the E-mail addresses, which you were kind enough to transmit to me, I can get in contact with some of them.

Please do not forget me if there are any publications or general information circulating.

My address and telephone number in Brossard are still valid although I seldom answer the phone.

3585 Bréard, Brossard, Qué. J4Z 2E3
(450) 678-0838

Thanks again
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