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Communications - 2006
Des notes des copains de classe / Notes from Classmates

À cette page sont publiées des communications des anciens aux sujets qui seraient peut-être d'intérêt aux membres de la classe. Elles sont publiées dans la langue d'origine.
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On this page are published communications from ex-cadets on subjects of possible interest to the class. They are published in the language of origin.
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John Toye (CMR '53), 2006/05/27
Kempton Hayes, 2006/05/23

John Toye (CMR '53)
(Forwarded by BGen (ret) Jack Cadieux, RMC '53/'57, CMR Commandant 1971-1973, CMR H12478)

From: John Toye
To: "Cadieux, Jack"
Subject: Wyna's Obituary notice in Citizen is on-line
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 15:04:58 -0400

Hello All;

Because many of you have no access to "The Ottawa Citizen" , you can read her Obituary at: (no longer posted - WBL 2006/08/19)

Kindest regards to all;
John T
Lieutenant Colonel (retired)
613-523-1494 Fax 613-523-0969
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Kempton Hayes

Hello Bill

I suspect you won't have any recollection of me since I left after one year. I stumbled on the Entry Year website by accident so I thought I would give an update in case anyone was interested.

In the fall of 1953 I enrolled at Dalhousie University and eventually was graduated with my MD. Along the way I married my high school girlfriend, Joan, and this August we will be celebrating our forty-eighth anniversary. We have five children who are doing well: consulting actuary, lawyer, V-P Bank of Montreal, full-time homemaker and French immersion teacher. We also have thirteen grandchildren.

I practiced Family Medicine in Halifax for thirty-eight years, retiring in 2000.

We live at 9 Homecrest Terrace, Halifax NS B3N 1Y3

I would be delighted to hear from you or other classmates about their careers. I often wondered what happened to everyone and just reading the names brings on lots of nostalgia.

With kind regards,

Kempton Hayes
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