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Des notes des copains de classe / Notes from Classmates

À cette page sont publiées des communications des anciens aux sujets qui seraient peut-être d'intérêt aux membres de la classe. Elles sont publiées dans la langue d'origine.
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On this page are published communications from ex-cadets on subjects of possible interest to the class. They are published in the language of origin.
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Emails from Jeep Fortier & Gerry Wharton 2017/05/22
Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/19 re Art Clare Memorial
Email from Terry Jones 2017/05/13 re Lost Friends
Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/12 re art Clare Stained Glass
Email from Hugh MacNeil 2017/05/12 re 2017 Reunion
Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/12 re Art Clare Date Change
Email from Terry Jones 2017/05/11 re Art Clare
Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/11 re Art Clare
Email from Dean Wellsman 2017/05/10
Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/09
Emails from Gerry Wharton 2017/03/28

Emails from Jeep Fortier & Gerry Wharton 2017/05/22
From Bill Lynn 2017/05/22

Hi Jeep,

I was quite taken aback when Gerry pointed out that you were not on my list, but happy that I have been able to fix that.

Yes, Marg and I are planning to go to the CMR reunion, based on the possibility that we may not be up to it in five years. I’ll send you the emails that the class has received (I hope I have not missed anyone else).


From Jeep Fortier 20170522

Hi Bill, Nice to hear that I am not in, but am now. Tks. I heard about Art's funeral from Bill Campbell and also from the obits in Ottawa Citizen. It was a fine funeral in a lovely log cabin style church. It was great to see Gerry W. and Pierre Senecal. It had been ages since I had seen them.

Are you going to the CMR reunion? I had not planned on it. We will certainly atteng the RMC one. Hope to see you and Marg there.

Cheers, Jeep

From: Bill Lynn
Sent: May 22, 2017 9:53 AM
To: Jean-Pierre Fortier
Cc: Gerry Wharton
Subject: Fw: Art's Funeral - Jeep Fortier not on list

Hi Jeep,

Jerry Wharton asked me how you knew about Art's funeral, since you are not on my distribution list. Yikes! He is right: You were not on my list, but you are now.

I suspect this happened when Windows 10 mail sucked all the contacts from my Windows Live mail, leaving me to attempt to rebuild the Windows Live list from the Windows 10 list. Looks like I missed you.

My apologies. I'll send you some emails re CMR 2017 reunion 25-26 August.

By the way: How did you know about Art's funeral service?

Bill Lynn

-----Original Message-----
From: Gerry Wharton
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2017 1:08 AM
Subject: Art's Funeral


How did Jeep Fortier hear about the funeral? I don't see him on your distribution list.

... Gerry

Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/19 re Art Clare Memorial
Photos taken at Art Clare's memorial service 19 May 2017 at Knox United Church, Nepean, Ontario.
(On peut cliquer sur les photos voir une version plus grande / One can click on the photos to see a larger version.)

The stained glass window donated by Art Clare
in memory of his wife Nancy,
who died 3 November 2007

and the window with CMR Originals
Pierre Sénécal, Gerry Wharton and Jeep Fortier.

Email from Terry Jones 2017/05/13 re Lost Friends
Gentlemen & once fellow Cadets,

With the passing of one of my best friends from my days at CMR, and with whom I'd been out of touch far too long, I felt a need to at least touch base with those of you that left the best, and most friendly, impressions on me.

Too many of our class of '52 have already passed on, and I much regret not having been in touch with them. Ergo, this brief note to just let you know I left the College in '54 having enjoyed knowing all of you, and wish I'd found it opportune to maintain contact with you. However, I have followed many of your careers, and been pleased to know of some of your accomplishments and ranks attained. It's particularly interesting to me that, in my 17 years of Army service, I made more good friends than in my subsequent 48 in the commercial helicopter industry.

I'd be highly pleased to hear from any of you, and to share whatever might be of mutual interest, but I'll be completely understanding if you find little, if any, merit in the idea.

Regardless, I wish you all continued health, well-being and happiness.

Warmest regards,

Terry Jones

Email from Gery Wharton 2017/05/12 re Art Clare Stained Glass
Bill et All.....

When l visited the church this morning the parson showed me a most beautiful stained glass window that Art donated to the church in Nancy's memory.

It is a rendition of one of their favourite anchorages on the Rideau Waterway where they berthed in their beloved houseboat. It portrays two hill masses in autumn foliage with two loons, one very close and the other distant with a rendition of the near loon wailing to his distant mate.

I also might add that this church is made of logs aka log cabin so it is very much in keeping with the surroundings.

Best wishes to all of you, my old comrades, who read this email.

...... Gerry

Ed Note: The address of the church is 25 Gibbard Avenue, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 3T9; Phone: (613) 829-2266. Website: Knox

Email from Hugh MacNeil 2017/05/12 re 2017 Reunion
Hello Bill,

Thank you once again for doing all you do to keep things together. I have booked at the new place, Auberge Harris (en francais no less!)

My bride Alison won't be able to come as she is continuing to get over a stroke of a year ago and is not yet sufficiently mobile, but still of good spirit.

Instead she suggested and I have asked my son Ian MacNeil (age 59) to come to keep track of his father. I hope this will be OK.

What was the reason CMR had to change the dates for CMR 1952? Commandant giving a party? In any case it is good thing to press ahead with this reunion for all the reasons that you initially suggested to go for 2017 and not wait for 2022!

Many thanks Bill, cheers for now, Hugh.

Reply from Bill Lynn 2017/05/12

Hi Hugh,

It's good to hear that you will be able to make it despite the date change. Sorry that Alison will be unable, but we'll be happy to meet your son, Ian, at the reunion.

And No, I have not yet learned why the change of date. If the Commandant is giving a party, I did not receive an invitation, and I guess you did not either.

We'll see you in August.


Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/12 re Art Clare Date Change

I was the only one in the church this morning.

The service is at 11:00 on 19 May.

..... Gerry

Email from Terry Jones 2017/05/11 re Art Clare
Hi Bill,

So very sorry to hear about Art. He was a roommate in B Flight of Cartier from day one. I really admired Art and greatly valued his friendship. We never saw one another after I resigned from the College, but kept in touch occasionally over the years. I sincerely hope his passing was gentle and not preceded by long pain or suffering.

Thank you for the notice, Bill.

Best regards,


Email from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/11 re Art Clare

I shall be there.

On a happier note. Heather has come through all her treatments and is currently in Elizabeth Bruyere rehab hospital. It is too early to project how long she will be there to recover from her broken hip but all is going to plan.


On May 11, 2017, at 19:52, Bill Lynn wrote:

Voici un message du décès et de la célebration de vie vendredi 12 mai d'Art Clare. Je n'ai aucune autres détails en ce moment.
Here is a message about the death and celebration of life Friday 12 May of Art Clare. I have no further information at the moment.

Bill Lynn

-----Original Message----- From: Bayne Perrin
Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017 4:11 PM
Subject: Art Clare

Hi Bill.
Just found out....
Art Clare has passed away. There is a "Celebration of Life" being held at Knox United Church, 25 Gibbard Ave., K2G 5H3, at 1100 hrs tomorrow, Friday, 12 May.

Sorry for such short notice, but I just received news from the church earlier. Since I received the notice from the church instead of classmates, I have no idea who has been informed.

Sam Perrin

Email from Dean Wellsman 2017/05/10
From: Dean Wellsman
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 2:44 PM
To: Bill Lynn
Subject: Re: Réunion CMR 2017: dates changées aux 25-26 août / dates changed to 25-26 Aug

Bill – Hello from Dean and Joan. We will not be attending the reunion = that week is our 60th wedding anniversary and we are booked for a cruise out of the USA.

Regards Dean

Hi Dean
Wow! Sorry we won’t see you at CMR, but have a great 60th anniversary cruise.
Bill & Marg

Emails from Gerry Wharton 2017/05/09
(Reply to announcement of 2017 CMR Reunion date change to 25-26 Aug)

Thank you. We will not attend.
Secondly Heather had a fall on 29 Apr and broke her hip. She was operated on the next day. She was moved to a Rehab hospital to day, (9 May) and will likely be there for at least two weeks.
Hi Gerry,
Sorry to hear that we won’t see you and Heather in August. I hope Heather’s hip heals well. Falls seem to be a common scourge of our maturity.

Emails from Gerry Wharton 2017/03/28
This email was sent by the ANAVETS Secretary/ Treasurer to the Dominion Executive. It gives her thoughts and comments on the Veterans issues included or otherwise in the latest budget.Be advised these are her thoughts but I believe them to be a correct and understandable recap of those issues.

Please note that this is a first review comment by ANAVETS put together immediately in receipt of the government's first announcement of the budget. It is possible that subsequent announcements will add further clarity to the situation.
(ANAVETS = Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans in Canada - Ed.)
Link to the referenced email.